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8W E27 Advertisement RGB LED Light Remote Lamp Bulbs


E27 Advertisement RGB LED Light Remote Lamp Bulbs

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Thank you for purchasing our remote control LED light.It was designed for easy installation and use,lndulge yourself with the magnificent preset colors or create your own with high-power full-spectrum LED.It will provide over two million colors and 120 levels of brightness.It can be contrllled by remote easily.Comparing to other similar products in the market,this remote control LED light can memorize the previous color,brightness,and automatic color change mode settings,even after switchingthe power off.this product can be used for home or commercial decorations.


Over two million and 120 levels of brightness.
Memorize and restore the previous settings or color,brightness ,and flashing pattems,providing easy of use.
Unique LED control,saving over 30% power comparing to conventional LED lights
Unique heat dissipating desigh ,saving over 90% power comparing to conventional lights
Can function properly under various voltage with over 80% efficiency.


Ligh t:High power LED
Input:E27AC85V-240V,50 Hz~60 Hz
LED life:20000Hours
Color:over 2 million colors
Brightness:120 levels
Operating temperature:-20oC to 40oC
Size:60*92mm (D*L)
QC Standards:GB16844- 2008/iec60968:1999


Pemote Control Color Light*1PCS
Remoter Controller*1PCS
User's Guide*1PCS

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8W E27 Advertisement RGB LED Light Remote Lamp Bulbs

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